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                   Zhengguanzhuang as Korea Korea ginseng on behalf of the brand, has been 118 years of history, under the Korean ginseng commune, its predecessor for the Korean empire in 1899 in the palace government set up full-time management of ginseng participation in politics, is the official permission of Korea Production and sales organizations. Therefore, Zheng Guanzhuang witnessed a hundred years of historical changes in Korea, with a strong cultural and historical accumulation. The Korean ginseng as a Korean specialty, it is one of the daily necessities of Korean residents, in Korea has a long history of consumption, heritage of the Korean food culture, is an important carrier of Korean culture. Since the 1960s exports to the Greater China region began, Zheng Guanzhuang has been for the Chinese people healthy and happy life to make efforts. The cooperation, Zhengguanzhuang will further play its advantages in the field of participation in the field of health, help Chinese and Korean cultural exchanges.

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