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                 “享,往远方动感X008 SUV体验营”泉州站在狂飙乐园第一天的活动圆满结束。来自闽南地区30余家主流媒及百余名狮粉齐助阵,亲身试驾过50084008这两款东风标致的重磅车型之后,频频点赞。“动·感”活动作为东风标致重要的产品体验行动,已经进行到第三个年头。活动以体验东风标致这两款SUV明星产品为主,于8月-10月陆续登陆全国近30个城市,通过越野试驾场地试驾等各类试驾科目,各地狮粉可以零距离体验东风标致两款重磅SUV产品5008、4008的强大实力。

                "Enjoy, to the distant dynamic X008 SUV experience camp" Quanzhou standing on the first day of Hurricane Paradise activities successfully concluded. From the southern region of more than 30 mainstream media and more than 100 lime powder Qi to help out, personally test drive over 5008,4008 Dongfeng Peugeot these two heavy models, frequently praise. "Action" activities as Dongfeng Peugeot important product experience action, has been carried out to the third year. Activities to experience the Dongfeng Peugeot these two SUV star products, in August - October have landed nearly 30 cities nationwide, through cross-country test drive, site test drive and other test drive subjects, around the lime powder can experience zero distance Dongfeng Peugeot two heavy SUV products 5008,4008 strong strength.

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