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                 一场甜蜜盛事让鹭岛瞬间化为浪漫之都,恩爱情侣和新人们来了,幸福的父母和长辈来了,连小小萌娃和金婚夫妇们也来到现场,用他们的方式送上祝福,海峡两岸婚庆博览会厦门火热举办。为响应两岸婚博会“婚庆采购 优惠到底”的主题,参展商们在展会期间将以重磅优惠全力为广大新人奉上优质实惠的婚庆产品与服务。

                  A sweet event to Egret Island instantly into a romantic capital, loving couples and new people came, happy parents and elders came, even the small sprouts and gold married couples also came to the scene, with their way to send Blessing on both sides of the strait wedding fair held in Xiamen fiery. In response to cross-strait wedding fair "wedding procurement concessions in the end" theme, exhibitors during the show will be heavy concessions for the majority of new people offer high quality affordable wedding products and services.

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